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About us

                                         Welcome to EBEN-HEZER!

Thank you for visiting our website, we really hope you enjoy browsing our cleaning products, spares and accessories. We ‘re sure that you find what you’re looking for.

WHY EBEN-HEZER? Because we promote holistic CLEANLINESS in different areas (schools, sports hall, warehouses, shopping centers etc). It is TARGET and we help to achieve it for our clients. Therefore we offer approved solutions & cleaning technologies incl. cleaning machines, chemicals, other equipment and know how. We have experienced trainers in professional hygiene more than 20 years. With our help you’re able to maximise profitability and strengthen their market-positions through lower unit labour costs, less work processes, easier handling and many other advantages.

FUTURE AHEAD OF IN CLEANING SERVICE We offer professional users smart and innovative solutions in all areas of professional cleaning and maintenance. Market-orientated products and systems solutions meet specific practical requirements, giving the contract cleaner the surety of optimum cleaning and maintenance results.

SAVE COSTS FOR GREATER ECONOMIES We offer the professional users the best results: operating efficiency increases, maximising value-for-money.


  •  authorised & official distributor of the Italian manufacturer cleaning machines for United Kingdom, but we have in our offer other cleaning machines (Hako, Nilfisk and Numatic)
  • provides warranty and after sales service
  • leads trainings in professional hygiene base on own authorship and colaborates with private and state companies.
  •  offers cleaning machines sales and rent
  • we are offering the best prices and prompt delivery on all orders to anywhere on the UK mainland. We can also deliver to Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia etc.