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About us


Since 2000 Eben-Hezer company has been using innovative instruments to launch Numatic products based on outsourcing – contracts with other companies. It means sales complexity cleaning service, not only products/machines.

Eben-Hezer reached the position of the best Distributor of Numatic International in Poland within 3 years (2007-2009) and he was on the top position between 2002-2015. Experience  in business, consequence in action and using innovative marketing instruments enabled to be successful in launching hygiene systems among different branches based on cleaning machines, chemicals, staff trainings. The skills of achieving and maintaining clients is a key factor in promoting professional hygiene.

At present Eben-Hezer imports Numatic and Hako products from official suppliers in EU, therefore every product has warranty according to Numatic warranty policy website

We know Numatic cleaning machines before 2000  – their characteristic is short: simply, solid and in our company in reasonable price …

Therefore let’s be business partners,

Dariusz Popinski